Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) – Curriculum

Our school curriculum is fully inclusive and designed to meet the needs of all pupils taking into account their individual needs. It is motivating, challenging and creative, and it aims to stretch all pupils in order for them to reach their full potential.

Villa Real School  Curriculum Statement

At Villa Real School we are committed to inspiring our pupils by:

  • Challenging them to achieve their best by providing them with opportunities and experiences, based on a broad, balanced, exciting and challenging curriculum
  • Working with parents/carers and our community to create a positive and nurturing environment where our pupils can feel happy, safe, cared for and respected
  • Giving them the skills necessary to begin the journey towards becoming responsible and successful adults, and to live life to the full

December 2017
We are constantly updating our curriculum offer to meet the ever changing needs of society and the needs of our pupils and students. This year re have introduced Short courses in History, Geography and Environmental Studies, improved our Early Years offer and introducing Entry level qualifications to KS4 and 5.
We are updating our overviews so please see Curriculum Overviews section which is evolving daily.
We would welcome parental feedback and if you would like an appointment to discuss a qualification we do not offer but you would like your child to study please contact J.Bowe, Headteacher.