Christmas Sports Day

Villa Real recently enjoyed a Christmas Sports Day, which included Snowman Skittles and Christmas Pudding Boccia.All classes took part in this event, which was led by our sports leaders.Classes competed against each other for the fastest time to knock the Snowmen Skittles down and how close to the Christmas Pudding, they could roll their Boccia Balls.

P1CE and P2CE worked together to win both competitions, across the whole school, so very well done to both classes.They demonstrated good ‘Teamwork’ and ‘Determination’.

Values seen from other classes were ‘Passion’ and ‘Respect’.

1 xmas sday 17 2 xmas sday 17 3 xmas sday 17

Youth Sport Trust ‘Step Into Sport’

Villa Real sports leaders attended the Youth Sport Trust ‘Step Into Sport’ Training day at Freemans Quay. They experienced how to play various sports such as polybat, goalball, boccia, football, new age kurling and athletics. They mixed with pupils from other schools in the county. Their next step, back at school, is to complete 10 hours volunteering in assisting leading in PE and sport.

step1  step2
step3  step4
step5 step6 step7

P2 Boccia Villa Real verus Croft

P2 enjoyed a morning out at The Croft School to play Boccia against one of their primary classes.

Although it was a competition, with scores and winning teams across two courts, the pupils really enjoyed playing the game with some new friends. We are focussing on demonstrating the Olympic and Paralympic values in all games (and PE lessons) by praising the opposition, trying our very best, shaking hands with each and every player, congratulating them on their performances, regardless of the scores. They all got to experience what it is like to captain their team too.

croft1  croft2  croft3
coft4  croft5  croft6


croft7  croft8
croft9  croft10
.             croft11

Sportshall Athletics

A number of senior pupils attended a School Games Sportshall Athletics festival on Friday 17th of November. The all-day event was held at Spennymoor Leisure Centre. Pupils took part in various running, jumping and throwing activities, alongside other schools within the County. They thoroughly enjoyed their day out, meeting new people and trying new activities and having fun!

spa1 spa2
sha3 sha4
sha5  spa6

Villa Real verus Gibside

P2A hosted a Boccia match against Gibside School, Whickham on November 20th 2017. Pupils played 6 games and learnt some very important rules, such as sitting still to throw the ball, trying to aim for the white ball, when it is their turn and the importance of team work. Pupils ended the game happy demonstrating good sportsmanship by shaking hands with the opposition and saying ‘well played’ to everyone. We look forward to our return fixture, at Gibside School, in the new year.

gib1 gib2
gib3          gib4

Primary Sport Start Event

Some pupils in P1 and P2 were selected to attend a Primary Sport start event, organised and ran by students from Durham University, on Wednesday 1st November 2017. Pupils spent the morning at Maiden Castle trying physical activites such as Rhythmic Gymnastic, ribbon and hoop moves and also table tennis and skittles. They then moved onto Grey’s college for lunch and an afternoon of games and crafts. They had a great time.

pse2 pse3
pse5 pse4

Inter-Schools Boccia Competition

Primary 2 class enjoyed a friendly Inter-schools Boccia competition against Gibside School on 17th October 2017. They managed to play 6 games in total and the scores were very close with Court 1 (on the left in the photos) drawing 6-6 and Court 2, (the right hand side court), lost 4-6. All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience and demonstrated good sportsmanship by shaking hands with the opposition at the end, saying ‘well done’ to all competitors’. The games were umpired by Leah Sayers, Cole Lopling and Euan Hall.​

Boc1 boc2
Boc1 boc4
boc5 boc6

Leadership Training

‘Our senior sports leaders completed Day 2 out of 3, of their leadership training this week at Spennymoor leisure centre, alongside Trinity School and The Oaks. They improved their knowledge of the rules of Boccia and New Age Kurling. They developed their communication skills, their ability to organise small groups into teams, improved their confidence to use their big voices to deliver instructions and had the chance to meet and chat to other students, from other schools. Next week they are using these skills to deliver Boccia and Kurling within a Primary Schools Festival’.

img_2468  img_2459
img_2456  img_2453

‘Villa Real classes took part in a Paralympic Boccia day on Tuesday November 1st. Classes paired up with another class to play matches throughout the day, in the school hall. Our existing sports leaders used the session to help train up some younger or less experienced sports leaders. It was lovely to see all the classes coming to the hall, to enjoy a friendly competition, learning the rules of the game and spending a bit of time together socialising’.

dscf7655  dscf7636
 dscf7623  dscf7612

Sleeping Beauty  Performed in school hall

 img_0015  img_0092
 img_0047  img_0043
 img_0036  img_0030
 img_0013  img_0010
  World Peace Day 2016

img_1855a World Peace Day at Villa Real School this year was fantastic! Eachclass chose a country to explore. Pupils made masks and class displays with the flag of their country displayed decorated with colourful masks the pupils also included some language from that country. Pupils experienced some of the languages, food, music and traditions such as Irish dancing, baking soda bread and how to eat with chop sticks! Pupils also learned about some of the animals and creatures from their chosen country such as the 3 Toed Sloth from the Amazon Rainforest. This year’s Paralympics achievements in Rio were celebrated and 6th Form put on a brilliant performance about the different categories within the event. Villa Real School Hand chimers were also on hand to perform music some of the different countries chosen. A pupil from each class was nominated to put the ‘Dove of Peace’ onto the Peace Pole representing their chosen country from around the world Parents and Carers were able to take a look around school to admire the wonderful work of our pupils. Finally followed by well-earned refreshments of tea and coffee. International Peace Day  Celebration

 img_1938  img_1805a
 img_1793  img_1972
 img_1841  img_1786


 Battle of the Somme  Centenary Visit