Pupil Voice

Sports Council Meeting

A sports council meeting was held on January 24th. 10 pupils from across each Key Stage attended.

We discussed:

  • Active Lunchtimes
  • Sports Clubs outside of School
  • Table Cricket
  • Sports Leaders
  • Competitions coming up this term
  • Daily physical Activity levels in and out of school

Pupils were then asked to go back to their class and share the information in class and to try and find out which clubs pupils attend, if anyone clubs would like to visit school to offer a taster session, if anyone has any club posters or flyers they would like to share with us, to remind pupils of our ‘Active Play’ timetables and to encourage pupils to be active for 30 minutes daily, outside of school, in addition to the 30 minutes inside of school.

SC1  SC2  SC3


Pupil Questionnaire 2016/17


Fair Trade Development Group

We had our first meeting of the Fair Trade Development Group on 25th September.

Fair trade development group

Investing in Children Report

Voice of the Pupil

At Villa Real School we provide every opportunity for pupils and students to express their views, needs and wants.  Each class has been using the ‘Voice of the Pupil’ resource in the classroom (see link below).

EYFS and all Key Stages enjoyed ‘Who Lives in Your House?’ and could identify their family members and people who came to stay at other times.  ‘Playground Detectives’ was a favourite with Key Stages 1, 2 and 3, who identified how to keep the playground safe.  Staff in Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 5 found ‘This is your voice’ a useful tool to encourage pupils and students to express how they were feeling and what they wanted adults to know.

Voice of the Child Workbook

World Peace Day

We had an Assembly for World Peace Day, run by the Sixth Form.  We all the opportunity to praise our friends.  Calum praised Rhys for playing with him in the yard.

world peace day