School Opening Times

2-14 Provision

 Time  Activity
9.20 – 9.30am   Registration
9:30am 1st Lesson
10:30am Break and Snack Time
11:00am 2nd Lesson
12:00 – 13:15pm Lunch Time
13:15pm Afternoon Registration
13:30pm Afternoon Lessons Begin
15:20pm Assembly (Monday – Thursday)
15:30pm Pupils Leave School


14-19 Provision

 Time  Activity
9.20 Pupils Arrive in School
9:20 – 9:30am Registration
9:30 – 10:15am 1st Lesson
10:15 – 11:00am 2nd Lesson
11:00am Break and Independence Skills/PSHE
11:30pm Third Lesson
12:30 – 13:30pm Lunch Time
13:30pm Afternoon registration
13:40pm Afternoon Modules Begin
14:45pm Tutor Group
15:20pm Assembly (Monday to Thursday)
15:30pm Pupils leave school


Friday: Praise Assembly is from 10:00 – 10.30am