Independent Supporters

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To obtain an Independent Supporter from either

organisation or to find out more information,

please contact:

SENDIASS on 0191 5873541


Core Assets on 0800 028 8455

The Government has made funding available to provide specialist  individual support to  parents,

carers,   children and young people who are involved in an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Needs Assessment.

If you ask for this kind of support, trained Independent Supporters  will work with you throughout the

assessment period. They can explain each stage, help you get your views across and ensure you take an active lead role in this process.

    What does an Independent Supporter do?

Independent Supporters will provide parents and young people with time limited help to support them through the EHC needs assessment and   planning process.

          The role of the Independent  Supporter is to:

Help the parent or young person      understand the local referral process and local offer

To act as a named contact person for the parent or young person during the EHC assessment and planning process

Supporting parents and young people through the transfer of a Statement of SEN to an EHC plan

 Working with parents of children who are new to the EHC needs assessment process

Understand a range of local services and supporting the parent or young person to  decide who should contribute the information required for an EHC needs assessment plan

Provide information to  parents and young people on personal budgets

Signposting parents and young people to Durham SENDIASS when the issue is outside the remit of an Independent Supporter

Independent Supporters in County Durham are provided by;

Core Assets Children’s Services and


(Special Educational Needs Information, Advice and  Support Service)


Will work with parents and young     people who are new to the EHC needs  assessment process. This service also offers confidential and impartial information, advice and support on matters relating to all special educational needs and disabilities.

Core Assets Children’s Services

Is an independent organisation that has been commissioned by the Council for Disabled Children to work in partnership with Durham to support  parents and young people who are transferring from a Statement to an EHC Plan.

Practical Help for

Parents and Young People

Special Educational Needs  and Disability

Available to assist you with the Education Health and Care (EHC)

Assessment Process