Newcastle Airport Autism Passport

Airports can be busy environments and we understand that for those families who are travelling with children with autism this can make going on holiday a stressful experience. We want to ensure that everybody’s journey through Newcastle Airport is as smooth as possible, so we have put in place a number of measures to help those passengers with autism.

We know that queuing can be problematic for people with autism, so those families will be given access to the security Fast Track facility. To use Fast Track please click here and download our Autism Passport, complete it and bring it with you on the day of travel. Once you have arrived at the airport and checked in for your flight make your way to the PRM assistance desk (located in between check in desk 32 and WHSmith) and a member of staff will validate the Autism Passport. You must then show the Autism Passport to staff at the security boarding card check point. As the airport does not manage queues at check in it will be at the discretion of the airline handling agents as to whether you can avoid the queues, however queue times at check in are usually minimal.

Once through security there are quieter areas which passengers with autism and their families may use. These include a dedicated PRM assistance area located behind our Dixons Travel store, as well as an assistance gate. If you’re struggling to find these please don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff.

We are also able to offer assistance when it comes to boarding the aircraft. If you require any support please specify on the Autism Passport.

To help make the airport journey easier for those travellers with autism we have also worked alongside the North East Austism Society to produce booklets for our passengers: