Reader in Residence

29th October 2018

This year we have welcomed Elena from Seven Stories into our school, for weekly story sessions. This is part of our ‘Year of Reading’ in which all classes will take part in reading activities and trips.

Our Seven Stories Reader in Residence programme, is designed to develop a love of books throughout the school and at home, increasing motivation to read, confidence, wellbeing and literacy skills. Elena has begun the term by visiting classes and creating wonderful story experiences tailored to the pupil’s abilities and age. We would like to invite all family members to share the next calendar of story visits. Parents/carers, please feel free to come along for the times listed below.

Session 1


Session 2


30th Oct P2 P2A
6th Nov S1CE S1
13th Nov P1A P1CE
20th Nov S1 F1A
27th Nov P1 P2A
4th Dec F1A S2/S1A


We look forward to see you all there.