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Our school is designed specifically to meet the needs of young people with SEN, in order to do this we make sure that we are well resourced, well trained and have excellent communication with families to ensure that we are all working on the same goals.
We support parents by having an ‘open door’ policy, ensuring that they feel welcomed into the school and that their opinions and feelings are valued and worked upon.
Our staff support pupils in a variety of ways; helping them to develop communication skills, independence skills, carry out physiotherapy and Speech and Language targets and help each pupil reach their full potential in every way possible. Our staff are well trained, committed, hard working and see each pupil as the individual they are. Depending on individual level of need, some pupils may have 1-1 staffing, others will be taught in small teaching groups, no larger than 10.

How do we identify and assess children with SEN?

At Villa Real, all of our pupils have a statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education Health and Care Plan, so we know that they have additional needs. If you think your child should be getting more support than they are offered on a daily basis, please contact the school SENCo/Headteacher Jill Bowe.

We assess pupils on a termly basis using B Squared, most pupils are working on P Levels, however, we do have some who are working on National Curriculum levels in some subjects. All pupils have an Individual Education Plan with objectives based upon their Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health and Care Plan, this is reviewed and updated each term.

We intend that our pupils will make the best possible progress and understand that this is very individual to each of them.

How we consult with SEN pupils

Communication is at the heart of everything that we do at Villa Real and we strive for the best communication opportunities for our pupils. We include pupils in deciding next steps in their learning and in assessing their own, and others work.

Additional Help

Please contact Jill Bowe, Headteacher and SENCo for further information on 01207 503651, or email j.bowe300@durhamlearning.net

If you have any questions about our SEND Local Offer please contact the school and we will try our best to help you.

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How we support SEN
How do we identify and assess children with SEN?
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How we consult with our SEN pupils
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