Students in Year 9 that progress into the 14-19 Provision from Villa Real and other schools follow a transition plan. This gives the students the opportunity to get to know the 14-19 Provision areas, staff and expectations before attending full time. It also gives the students opportunities to ask questions and understand the types of lessons and activities they will participate in within the 14-19 Provision curriculum.

Potential new students will visit on an informal basis throughout the year. They will be able to visit the 14-19 Provision and also be part of the audience for 14-19 Provision drama and dance productions.

During the summer term the students will be able to visit the 14-19 Provision on a more formal basis and take part in a range of lessons and activities. They will work alongside existing students so that they can develop friendships and support networks.

Staff working with the year 9 students will work closely with 14-19 Provision staff to share information about the students, enabling a smooth and stress free transition to 14-19 Provision.

A formal parent’s meeting is held in the summer term to share information about the 14-19 Provision curriculum and to discuss any queries or questions parents may have. Parents will also have the opportunity to look around the 14-19 Provision and meet the staff.

Informal parent’s meetings are held when requested, to pass on any personal information regarding health needs, medication or to generally chat about their child’s needs.