At Villa Real School, Science is a gateway to a wealth of learning opportunities. Science as a subject shapes understanding of the world about us and makes explorers of us all. Science introduces us to new experiences and provokes further inquiry and questions.


At our school we value learning experiences that engage our pupils/students. Our aim for learning in Science is based upon the principle that pupils enjoy the subject through memorable lessons that elicit interaction, discussion and thoughtful questioning at every level of ability.


Through a scheme of carefully planned learning and assessment, pupils’/students’ progress is monitored and misconceptions are quickly addressed. Science knowledge, understanding and skills are developed through sequential learning to prepare for the next stage of education and life beyond school.

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At Villa Real School, the provision of Science is derived from the National Curriculum. Science is taught in all pathways. Pupils in Pathway 1 and 2 follow an informal curriculum offer with a range of immersive activities utilising the environment and sensory resources (including ASDAN Sensory qualifications) and whilst students on Pathway 3 and 4 follow the formal curriculum with taught lessons leading to range of ASDAN and AQA Entry qualification. For those who are able a GCSE Pathway will be made available.


Science is a subject that pupils and students of all abilities at Villa Real engage with enthusiastically.


From the experiential to the investigative; Science at our school is for everyone.

Flexible and appropriate learning opportunities based on practical activities ensure that the Science curriculum is open and accessible to all pupils regardless of their ability. Meeting the specific needs of pupils/students is essential to enable high quality learning experiences. Our curriculum is enhanced via our commitment to outdoor learning, Forest Schools and range of visitors/visits.

The curriculum is mapped via a progression model to develop knowledge, skills and understanding, however in rare cases some complex pupils including those with degenerative conditions, may have planning which aims to sustain.


Assessment at Villa Real School is continuous and of the whole REAL curriculum. Assessment is during and after learning and to ensure and assure progress for all. Assessment starts at each child’s unique starting point. Our assessment schedule focuses on moving our pupils/students onto the next stage of their learning and moving between key stages and pathways; and for life beyond school. Assessment is based on EHCP REAL objectives. Progress of all pupils/students learning is recorded and monitored using B Squared, and examined in line with individual targets.  Entry Level exams are assessed by AQA. Every class uses ongoing assessment to identify pupils/students who fall behind. Swift interventions and support is given immediately.


We ensure that the Science curriculum is reviewed and evaluated annually to ensure that it is still relevant and fit for purpose in meeting the needs of all pupils and students.