At Villa Real School, Physical Education and School Sport provides the opportunity for pupils and students to experience, enjoy, succeed and excel in a varied and balanced curriculum of physical activity.


It provides the opportunity for pupils/students to develop their physical ability, alongside their self-confidence, and raise the awareness of how exercise can contribute to their health. It develops their ability to plan and select appropriate skills, actions and strategies, in response to changing stimuli and environments.

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Pupils are taught in 30 minute sessions and receive a minimum of two hours physical activity per week. Some classes also access soft-play and hydrotherapy. Conductive Education classes follow a daily motor-learning programme.

  • In the EYFS provision, pupils follow a programme of daily access to outdoor learning, which provides movement activity of a physical nature. They also explore movement through music in the classroom, in addition to covering basic fundamental movement skills.

  • In the primary provision, pupils cover a variety of units of work that start to transfer the fundamental movement skills, into simple invasion, net and target games. They also transfer some of these skills as they are introduced to gymnastics, dance, swimming, SAQ (speed, agility, quickness) skills and athletics movement patterns.

  • In the secondary provision, students have the opportunity to develop and refine their skills studied in the primary provision, in addition to a specific health related fitness unit of work.

  • All pupils/students have opportunities for Outdoor and Adventurous Activity within classes and have the opportunity to attend a residential during their time in school.

    Across the curriculum we also aim to:

  • Improve pupil’s/student’s observational skills through peer and self-assessment across the curriculum

  • Promote good personal hygiene habits and awareness of safety during physical activity

  • Be aware of and demonstrate the Olympic and Paralympic values of friendship, respect, excellence, determination, inspiration, courage and equality

  • Learn leadership skills through a ‘Learning to Lead’ strand throughout lessons and provide the opportunity for some juniors and seniors to train to be sports leaders. These then go on to deliver ‘active-play’ on lunchtimes and organise and deliver regular intra-school competitions

  • Liaise with the after-school club to support the delivery of games and individual physical activities for all

  • Participate in the County Projectability competitions, the County School Games programmes of competition and enter County and Derwentside festivals and visit local schools to participate in inter-school fixtures and friendly sports events


Physical Education is a practical based subject, delivered in open spaces, indoors and outdoors, allowing pupils to explore their special awareness. They work at their own pace, at a level suitable to each pupil. Main methods of delivery are kinaesthetic with visual and auditory prompts, to support learning and progression in a safe and controlled environment.


As lessons are based on Olympic and Paralympic values, Physical Education also encourages pupils to work together cohesively, appreciating the differences of success in their own performances and that of their peers.

The curriculum is mapped via a progression model to develop knowledge, skills and understanding, however in rare cases some complex pupils including those with degenerative conditions, may have planning which aims to sustain.


Assessment at Villa Real School is continuous and of the whole REAL curriculum. Assessment is during and after learning and to ensure and assure progress for all. Assessment starts at each child’s unique starting point. Our assessment schedule focuses on moving our pupils/students onto the next stage of their learning and moving between key stages and pathways; and for life beyond school. Assessment is based on EHCP REAL objectives.


Progress of all pupils'/students' learning is recorded and monitored on either Engagement or Progressions Steps via the BSquared assessment tool, to track attainment and progress and examined in line with individual targets.  From September 2020 the Engagement Model’s introduction is statutory for all students/ pupils working below the Pre-Key Stage Standards.  These will be evaluated through Engagement Model Observations. 


Some areas in physical education, such as gymnastics, are accredited through the Winstrada award scheme.


Villa Real ensures that Physical Education is reviewed and evaluated regularly. The Physical Education co-ordinator offers support with observations, planning, delivery and feedback termly.