KS3 follow a curriculum based upon the National Curriculum for Key Stages 3 and 4 which includes a range of accredited courses including ASDAN and AQA, such as ASDAN Short Courses in History and Science, ASDAN Towards Independence in Geography, VCERTS Level One in Design Technology and various AQA Single Unit awards.

Some of the things we will be studying this year are:

  • War Horse during our English lessons;

  • The Ancient Egyptians in History;

  • The weather and natural disasters in Geography;

  • Staying healthy in Science.


We participate in weekly PE sessions with our PE specialist teacher which we are thoroughly enjoying. We enjoy accessing a range of practical activities throughout all areas of the curriculum such as cookery and life skills.

We are looking forward to going out with for outdoor education throughout the year. We participate in a range of activities outside the classroom as well during our time in school.