At Villa Real School, MFL is offered to all students in KS2 and KS3 who are willing and able to learn about additional languages and cultures. KS 4 students can choose to study MFL as an ‘option’ subject. Students who have barriers to communication are offered MFL through the use of sensory experiences and exposure to whole school day events.

At our school we value learning experiences that engage our pupils. Our aim for learning a MFL is based upon the principle that pupils enjoy this subject through memorable lessons that elicit interaction, discussion and thoughtful questioning at every level of ability.

Lessons are planned with the student’s enjoyment at the forefront and includes songs and actions, whole school experiences, videos and incorporates links to the other national curriculum subjects where possible.

We aim to make links with other schools and students in our local area, the EU and wider world- by doing this we can incorporate our other core subjects such as ICT and literacy, as students write letters, hold skype conversations or send emails.

Chalkboard with Different Languages


Sign Language Course

Modern foreign language is a subject that all pupils will engage with on varying levels of ability. The hosting of whole school days E.G: Spanish day, French day (Bastille day), St Patrick’s day, allows all students to experience different cultures, foods, languages on a one off basis. The addition of visitors to school with knowledge and experience of these festivals will add to the excitement and provide a memorable learning experience for everyone.

The regular updating of the school notice board with ‘word of the month’ will allow for regular and incidental learning opportunities throughout the day as students pass through the school.

Flexible and appropriate learning opportunities are delivered by staff members with a knowledge of and enthusiasm for the language being taught. Lessons are set at an appropriate level and pace for the students accessing MFL in KS2 and KS3, which allows for the attainment of a new language.


MFL assessment is carried out by observation, questioning, and some written work where appropriate. The B-Squared assessment tool is currently in operation for all pupils accessing MFL in KS2 and KS3 and for those students who choose it as an option in KS4. Students who are not accessing this subject are not assessed on B-squared, however are given every opportunity to take part and engage in whole school activities.


At Villa Real School, the provision of Modern foreign languages takes its foundations from the National school curriculum, which is modified and adapted to suit the children needs and abilities. Experienced staff provide lessons in French to the students who are able to access this subject.

Pupils in Key Stage 4 can choose this subject as an additional option.


We ensure that Modern foreign language is reviewed and evaluated bi-annually to ensure that it is still relevant to the students accessing it and fit for purpose in meeting the needs of all pupils.