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Reducing Parental Conflict Digital Resources

OnePlusOne are offering online courses for parents on parental conflict depending on whether the parents are together (arguing better), separated (getting it right for children) or expecting/had their first child (me, you and baby too).  The flyers have all of the information on and the QR code that parents can scan to gain direct access. Click on each flyer to download a full size PDF.

Please use this link to access the actual online course.  Parents can also register to access all of the content and the videos. 


Tees, Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust Offer Online Training

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North East Young Dads and Lads Project

Dylan Brown is the peer link worker at North East Young Dads and Lads (Also known as NEYDL). He is currently supporting young dads to reach out to services and promote what they do. This is some of the work that is currently happening in the region and some upcoming activities that may spark your interest:

Currently, The Projects Available:


DigiDAD is the first online peer lead E-Learning platform for Young Dads. From parenting courses, to online forums, advice around social care to inspirational interviews DigiDAD provides a safe, inclusive and welcoming online space for young dads to learn. 


Anyone who wants to participate in this is more than welcome. Whether you're a budding voice over actor, filmmaker, social media personality or you just want to share your own story, DigiDAD will try to provide you with the support and means to do so. 


Head over to our Youtube channel for a glimpse at our work: 

information available via email with Jonah - [email protected]

Upcoming projects for the Summer:

We are currently training some of our young fathers into being the role of an administrator, they will be fully trained in safeguarding; in order to run a Discord server for young men and young dads to be. 


This will serve as a platform to tackle social isolation and offer peer to peer support, so young men have growth in their support network and face issues head on. 


If you think any of our work would benefit anyone you may be supporting or anyone you know under the age of 25 and are male, please do not hesitate to contact us:


  • Or you can contact Doug via phone: 07990 164449 


Doug will guide you through the process if you are unsure of how to do this.


Contact us:

If you require any other information about NEYDL do not hesitate to respond to this email. Alternatively, you can follow us on social media: 


Twitter: @NEYD&L

Instagram: @NEYDL2


Website: (currently being updated but still live) 

Email: [email protected] 



You can also subscribe to our E-newsletter, which will keep you in the loop of what is happening at NEYDL. 

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