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After-school Yoga Club has been running weekly for our Primary Classes and this has been in collaboration with Kalma Life. The club has been well-attended by pupils of all ages and the focus of the club has been on learning about Yoga and experiencing a new activity which helps improve health and well-being. The club is very popular with the pupils because of its appeal to a broad range of children. The children have been learning the different Yoga positions and how to control breathing and some traditional Yoga words and phrases.

After-school Karate Club has also been running weekly for some of our senior pupils where they have been learning karate. They have learned different blocks to keep their head, body and legs safe, how to keep their hands safe and how to do a roundhouse kick!

The club is run by teacher Zach Sharp who is a 4th Dan in Shotokan and the aim is to develop their gross motor skills and fitness levels

and is also proving popular as a new hobby!

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