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At Villa Real School our pupils in Early Years follow an individualised bespoke curriculum which covers Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.


The Early Years curriculum is play and experience based. We provide a safe and secure learning environment where independence is encouraged and good relationships are key between staff, pupils and the family/carers.

We have well developed indoor and outdoor play facilities. All of the pupils in Early Years have access to the Hydrotherapy Pool, Multi-Sensory Room and Soft Play where appropriate. We also offer Forest Schools and Outdoor Education which enables our pupils to be learners beyond the classroom and develop an inquisitive approach in varied real life situations.

The staff working in the Early Years are committed to the progress of the pupil as an individual and to share progress with parents/carers.

Our staff have a breadth of expertise and knowledge and provide a wide range of opportunities for your child to learn and develop through play and sensory based learning opportunities that are both child and adult led. Play is an essential vehicle for learning.

Staff use their observations and interactions to review the types of play schemas the children are displaying and from this, are able to ensure they are expanded and developed further. Schemas help young children to form connections in their brain, to build on previous learning to form new ideas and understandings, and to develop skills that they can use in their world.

There are on average, eight play schemas, which are described by the way in which children show their repetitive actions or behaviours:

1. Trajectory – making lines in space with things or with own body (throwing, dropping, rolling)

2. Rotation – turning or spinning objects or themselves

3. Transporting – carrying objects in hands, pockets, bags, wheeled transporters

4. Enclosing – creating borders around things or themselves

5. Connecting – building and joining things together

6. Positioning – lining items up, stacking or balancing items

7. Enveloping – covering up or ‘wrapping’ items, others or themselves

8. Orientation – investigating different viewpoints (hanging upside down, bending down, looking through their legs)


Some of our Early Years classes are mixed with pupils from Key Stage One. These pupils follow Pathway 1 and 2 in order to motivate and inspire pupils ensuring they have a rich and enhanced learning experience whilst at Villa Real.

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