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Villa Real School is working towards being a school with ‘Compassionate Classrooms’ working on the RSPCA mission: Ending animal cruelty by supporting you to develop informed, responsible and active citizens.

We will be linking animal related topics in lessons overlapping in subject area including English, Science, Maths, Citizenship and Ethics in RE. We will also be holding whole school assemblies/events and our school council will develop the skills to ‘give animals a voice’.

EYFS classes will be exploring caring about farm animals, pets and wild life within expressive arts and design, personal, social and emotional development, understanding the world, physical development, communication/language and maths and literacy.

Primary classes will be learning about a range of topics including farm animals, wildlife habitats and pets in cross-curricular topic or integrated into a specific subject such as Science or Citizenship/PSHE. Pupils will be encouraged to think about our role in ensuring animals are happy and healthy as well as getting them involved with debates, investigations, role play and creative activities.

Secondary classes will explore animals and the law: rights and responsibilities, biodiversity, campaigning for animal welfare and ethics.

The school council will also be considering the welfare of animals and how to make a difference to the lives of animals? We all know that animals can’t speak for themselves. The school council is ready to be their voice.


Over 58.4 million animals are kept as pets in the UK, so it’s important we understand what they need to be happy and healthy. Our pupils will explore and learn about the basic needs of different pets. Our pets rely on us to provide for their specific needs including shelter, food, company, exercise and protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease. When we take on a pet we also take on the responsibility to ensure our pets are happy and healthy.

The list of wildlife in the UK is enormous, ranging from hedgehogs to nesting birds and everything in between! Human activity can impact the wild animals around us so it’s important that we learn how we can care for wild animals and their homes.

More than 900 million cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry are reared in the UK each year for food production, along with many millions of farmed fish. Our pupils will learn about where their food comes from in connecting with ‘Healthy Schools’.

Our older students in KS5 will also learn about careers with animals and the workplace and study for an ASDAN qualification combining work experience in Animal Care.

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